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Quality Control

Our Quality Control Program ensures that your building is consistently clean and, as it applies to cleaning, environmentally safe. We have done this by:

  • Regularly Scheduled Cleaning Inspections
  • Random Sampling Cleaning Inspections
  • Corrective Action Assignments
  • Re-Inspection of Corrective Action
  • Our Customer Service Desk
  • Regularly Scheduled Meetings with our Clientsf Representative
  • Communication (Cellular Phones, Pagers, Email, and Fax)

Corporate Commitment

Transpacific Building Maintenance is committed to providing you with a cleaning program designed to insure the highest cleaning standards with an honest, dependable, and trained cleaning staff, dedicated supervision, and a strong management team.

We will work daily to exceed your cleaning requirements, assist in maintaining your facilitiesf security programs, and keep safety priorities foremost while completing our cleaning tasks. We will continue training our employees so they will be on the cutting edge of our industry in bringing your facilities the best cleaning methods and technology. We want to build a long term business relationship with you and provide you with the best of cleaning services for years to come.

In our performance of this process, we are committed to servicing all of your cleaning needs in a manner that will not only make you a long term client, but also our long term reference and friend.


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  1. Stanford Hospital & Clinics. Phone (650)725-0249; 300 Pasteur Drive Palo Alto, CA 94306; Contact: Ms. Suzanne Taylor, Manger, Center of Education
  2. Santa Clara County Office of Education. Phone (408)453-6861; 1290 Ridder Park Drive San Jose, CA 95131; Contact: Mr. Joseph Beretta, Facilities Manager
  3. National Marine Fisheries. Phone (831)420-3901; Santa Cruz Laboratories, 110 Schaffer Road, Santa Cruz, CA 95060; Contact: Mr. Dale Chastagner, Facilities Manager
  4. World Heart, Inc. Phone (510)563-5000; 7799 Pardee Lane, Oakland, CA., 94621-1925; Contact: Mr. John Vadja, V.P.
  5. Stanford University Medical System. Phone (650)724-9525; 3375 Hillview Ave., 2nd Floor Palo Alto, CA 94306; Contact: Ms. Suzanne Kato, Facilities Manager

1400 Coleman Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95050 | Phone (408) 275-6670 | Fax (408) 246-8611
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