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Project Management Process

Our Project Management Process is designed to
specifically address the individual needs of your facility while utilizing our proven methods. We will carefully inspect your facilities and review the different cleaning requirements with your facility department staff, as well as any unique cleaning factors relevant to your work site. We will then develop a Project Management Plan.

We will provide you with:

  • A detailed cleaning tasks document that describes the regular janitorial tasks to be performed.
  • A project management plan that includes such factors as security and environmental considerations.
  • A quality control plan including the schedule for inspections, the corrective action plan for discrepancies, the response to client concerns and requests.
  • A communication plan, listing cellular phone numbers, pager numbers, email addresses in order to respond immediately to emergencies and to provide a quick response time for special requests.


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S.B.A. Certified Hub-Zone Business

We are an S.B.A. certified Hub-Zoned Business. We were certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration on July 8, 2003. When you hire an S.B.A. Hub-Zoned firm, you assist the U.S. Government in meeting their goals to stimulate economic growth in a historically underutilized business zone. You firm becomes more attractive to the federal government when you hire an S.B.A. Certified Hub-Zone Firm because you are assisting the government in meeting some of their contracting goals.









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