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Company History

Our firm started in 1986, and was known then as First Pacific Maintenance Services, Inc. We serviced many major clients in government, and the Private Sector. Some of our clients:

In 2001, there was an ownership change, and the new management staff decided to change the name of the firm to Transpacific Building Maintenance, Inc. Some of the accounts serviced by Transpacific Building Maintenance, Inc, currently are:

  • Stanford Hospital and Clinics. We clean over forty-five buildings and clinics. These facilities are located throughout the Bay Area. We also provide parking lot sweeping, and pressure washing services to 22 of Stanfordfs parking garages and lots.
  • WorldHeart Corporation, Oakland, CA, makers of artificial hearts. At this facility we work in Clean Rooms of both the Class of 10,000, and 100,000.
  • National Marine Fisheries Laboratories, Monterey, CA. We have been cleaning there facilities for the last three years.
  • Defense Microelectronics Activity, McClellan, CA. This is a defense contractor in the Sacramento, CA area. This facility requires security clearances.







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Company Profile

Transpacific Building Maintenance, Inc. is a California corporation owned and operated by two principals, namely Ms. Suzy Scott, President, and Mr. Clint Scott, General Manager.

Our Corporate Headquarters is located in Santa Clara, CA. We are a minority, women-owned, SBA Hub-Zone, Small Business. Over the years, we have successfully honored major cleaning contracts with both the government and the private sector throughout the bay area and the Sacramento area.

Organizational Structure

Our organization is designed to bring the optimum value and service to all of our customers. We are structured to provide adequate staffing, supervision, and management support to have the expertise available at all times to maintain and excel in carrying out our duties. We utilize both our strong local management and our full resources available through our corporate structure and strategic partners.

Corporate Management Support

We provide project managers for your facilities locations so that we can maintain our quick response times in providing our superior cleaning services. Depending on the size of your facilities, our project manager assigned to your job-site location will have supervisors, crew leaders, and our line custodians under his or her supervision and direction to insure total compliance with your cleaning specifications.

Our Other Resources

Our management team provides support to the project manager in their administration of your cleaning contract. This support is provided in many ways:

A. Direct in person assistance by our management.
B. Our cleaning vendors providing employee training, and supply, and equipment audits.
C. Some of our Consultants:

  1. Ron Segura, Segura & Associates, Huntington Beach, CA., International Consultant, lecturer, and Writer on the Cleaning Industry.
  2. Nick Voegtly, CSP, Middleton, CA., Safety, and Control Consultant, Safety Consultant who works with both major Insurance Companies, and Small Business.
  3. Joan Schultz, Carson City, NV., Human Resource Consultant, worked with Apple Computer, Westinghouse Corporation, and United Technologies.

1400 Coleman Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95050 | Phone (408) 275-6670 | Fax (408) 246-8611
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